The Imperfect Disciple
July 29, 2018     .     8:00 am - 1:00 pm
BIG Summer Plans

The "B" of our BIG Summer is to Build Our Culture!

Wie will pursue this by reading and discussing a book together.  In reading The Imperfect Disciple (TID) by Jared C. Wilson, a person is able to fill his or her lungs with the fresh air of the pure gospel. We are recommending this book because the fresh air of the pure gospel is the culture we want to build in Citipoint Church.

Wilson carefully and winsomely encourages the Christ-follower toward spiritual growth. This book is not the typical book on discipleship. It does not leave the reader with a list of "to-do's." Rather it liberates the reader to live for Christ and enjoy it.

Books will be available July 2st in the lobby for purchase.

The reading plan:

July 22nd: Read introduction and chapters 1 & 2
July 29th: Read Chapters 3 & 4
August 5th: Read Chapters 5 & 6
August 12th: Read Chapters 7 & 8
August 19th: Read Chapters 9-10 & conclusion

Participation Options

Facebook Group: all those who purchae the book will receive an invittion to the Reader's Guild Facebook Group.

Coffee Conversations: every Wednesday afyernoon (times announced weekly) there will be an open invitation for discussions held at Whidbey Coffee (1960 Marketplace Dr., Burlington).

Participant's Guides: all particpants will receive a guide that will offer prompts and questions for weekly conversations with their spouses, friends, and/or others who are going through the book.