Financial Freedom for Everyone

The number one way that we can truly help people financially is by providing opportunities for people to take control of their financial situation.  This is SO important: 

Our society teaches us to USE DEBT, buy Big, medicate depression by shopping, 'Everybody needs Credit', and we can buy NOW - pay later...

So our nation is in debt, our businesses are in debt, our organizations are in debt and it is all because so many people have come to accept debt as the natural way of life.  This brings stress, tension and worries to our everyday life.  Marriages fall apart.  College graduates finish school with $60,000 in loans.  Business collapse under the financial burdens.  People go through their workday worried.  Churches are not supported.  Vacations are not enjoyed as soon as people get the bill. Kids grow up uneducated about how to manage money... we have a financial epidemic in our nation, all the way from our teenagers to our Senators.

The lack of financial awareness and education is hurting our nation, it is hurting our churches and it is hurting our families.

It is time to take action!  We are providing several ways for you to take charge of your money.

1. Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.  9 week Group Course offered several times a year.

2. Financial Learning Experience.  2 hour seminar to immediately help you with financial management.

3. Funding Your Future series by Pastor Mike Acker.  4 weeks of Sermons on God's plan for money.


We want you to experience Financial Freedom!  We are dedicated to helping you train yourself in every way you can so that you are free from worry, fear or concern.  This is part of our mission as a church: to welcome people from wherever they are (debt, chaos, worries) and lead them to become fully committed followers of Jesus (including free from worry, order out of chaos and savings instead of debt).