Music Pastor

Bob Fitzgerald, Music Pastor
work: 360.428.3040
Bob has a passion for music that honors God - music that tells of his goodness and greatness!  A child of the "Summer of Love" generation, Bob has seen a lot, and came to Christ during the Jesus Revolution of the 1970's.

With a strong desire to help raise up the next generation of those who lead God's people in musical worship, Bob loves to stay current with new, dynamic, and gospel oriented music the church is currently producing, as well as staying in touch with the the rich and doctrinally powerful traditional music that the church has produced for hundreds of years.

Bob and his wife, Rose, are in their 43rd year of marriage, and have experienced God's love and grace in their relationship, as together,  they navigate their course through this life.  They have 2 adult children, a daughter-in-law, and 5 of the cutest ever grandkids!

Bob loves a good cappuccino, all kinds of music, a good read, the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, SUP, and hoping the Hawks will have a great year!