Brent Kimball, Lead Pastor
work: 360.428.3040
Twitter: @BrentKimball71

Brent’s personal mission is to love God entirely and to follow Jesus faithfully. As God has equipped and empowered him he strives to influence people to follow Jesus and fulfill their role in and for the Kingdom of God. Brent is a pastor. God has called him and gifted him to lead and serve the church.

Jesus saved Brent in 1991. His testimony is one of grace. He was dead in sin and Jesus made him alive to God. He was far off but Jesus brought him near. He was a sinner and Jesus made him a son. Soli Deo Gloria!

Brent and Jessie were also married in 1991. They have 3 kids; Jared (20), Titus (15), and Sophia (12). They have been in ministry since 1994. Brent is an outdoorsman. He loves the mountains and the fall (autumn, not the Genesis 3 Fall).

Brent has a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management from Northwest University and a Master's degree in Ministry and Leadership from Western Seminary.