What Can You Expect?

What to expect on a weekend.

Citipoint is casual. So simply come as you are.  If you'd like to dress up, that's fine too. From everyday jeans to straight-from-Nordstrom works.  Just come in what makes you feel comfortable.

As you come to one of our gatherings, there will be people standing out front or in the lobby to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.  They can help direct you to our childcare facilities, coffee bar, or to any other area of assistance you need.

After your children (if you have some) are settled in our kids church, you can get your coffee and bring it into our auditorium where a 5 minute video lets you know that the gathering begins on time.  As you find a place to sit, check out our 'weekly' for events going on, talk to others who are coming in or text message a friend.  It's up to you. 

The gatherings start with a couple songs, often referred to as worship songs.  These are songs that different musicians have written as a creative expression of gratitude and awe towards God.  It's common to stand during the music and sometimes clap along with the beat, much as one might during a concert. The words will come up on a screen and you can sing with the music or just reflect on the words.

After a few songs (usually 3) the morning host or the pastor will come up on stage to welcome you and to give you direction to take a seat and say hi to your neighbor as you do so. During this time, we'd like to ask you to fill out an info card letting us know that you've come and visited us. You may turn in this card for a latte.

From there, the pastor will take everyone through a passage of the Bible applying it to today's life using stories, humor, teaching, metaphors, and other ways to bring the text to life.  As he speaks, go ahead and take notes, write down a question to e-mail later, or just sit back and take it in.

After the sermon, the band may come up to play some calm music as the Pastor closes.  From there we send you out to live out the mission that Jesus invites us to be a part of:  Changing the world by changing people's hearts.