Welcome to the ALL NEW Citipoint

In exactly 3 years everything has changed at Citipoint Church.                                                         
All New Location.  
All New Pastoral Leadership.
All New Music.
All New Programming.
All New Feel and Style.

Come experience the re-launch of this ALL NEW Church.
But more than that: come see what it would be like to have an ALL NEW YOU!  After all, the only thing that stays the same is change. In fact, transformation is in your DNA! You were created to grow, to change and to improve.  And the best kind of change isn’t just a physical change, but it is one that leaves a permanent mark on your soul.
So come see what the ALL NEW Church is about, and come experience an ALL NEW season in your own soul.
​SUNDAYS  @  8.30a,  10.00a  and  11.30a

Find our NEW location

Citipoint Church

3302 Cedardale Rd. Building D100
Mount Vernon, Wa   98274
t. 360 428 3040
f. 360 428 3044

Welcome to Church

Welcome to Church
Watch this video to see the impact that the Church has had on humanity, culture, society and the positive influence that Church is having on society today. It will inform you of the past and inspire you to be a part of the future! Share it with your friends and invite them to a Sunday.

Pastor's Blog

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